Yamaha V-MAX With Leather Body

01 Nov

Yamaha V-Max

FRENCH, KOMPAS.COM – Yamaha recently introduced a leather-covered motor sport in collaboration with fashion house Hermes, which they christened the V-MAX. Hermes, based in France is not new in the world of two-wheel vehicles and have established 180 years ago that started from a saddle horse.

Hermes task in the V-MAX motor is covered by some the best material from the skin. This idea, according to Yamaha and Hermes to strengthen the lines of a unique object as emotional strength.

The part that is covered here that non-mechanical, like a tank, seat, mudguard, front light until discharge silencer and grip. Finishing Touches also performed on similar materials chrome on glass, instrument panel and the exhaust.

Work Yamaha and Hermes is not the first with V-MAX this. Previously, exactly 15 years ago they had worked on the project seprupa by Virago.

V-Max 1679 cc V4 engine wear 4-valves per cylinder and equipped with the YCC-I for the intakes and YCC-T fly-by-wire is priced more than Rp. 300 million

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