Toyota Limousine at SEMA Event

01 Nov

Limousine Toyota

Torrance, – One exhibition modification car mecca of the world, SEMA Show 2010, which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States, opens tomorrow, November 2, 2010. Participants not only from the home modifications, but also from the manufacturer. One of them is Toyota, which in this event featuring 10 models at least.

The most interesting is the Scion xB. This car has been transformed into a limousine after a widened 48 inches and has a model of double doors opening opposite. The creator says, xB was designed as a “buzz VIP”, though probably will lead to such a degree of laughter because the red carpet.

Other details on the basic color of black onyx with two tone colored roof. Log into the interior, there are cabins with custom bar designs, black leather and light touch-panel models.

Scion was never disappoint when present at SEMA. Besides xB, this time they also show filmed tC Tuner Challanger Shawn Baker. Touch that he does include a custom at the turbo, exhaust tip, and leather in the interior.

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