Lists of 7 Corruptor That Stealing Disaster Relief Fund in Indonesia

01 Nov

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The country is now affected from floods in Papua, in the Mentawai tsunami, floods in Jakarta, and the eruption of Mount Merapi. Many victims of these natural disasters that require government assistance, but who knows what because there is no conscience, there are some very corrupt officials who have the heart to the natural disaster relief funds for personal gain. Here are some of the names of these corrupt:

1. Corruption in tsunami aid
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After the tsunami disaster on 17 July 2006, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) is planning to provide assistance to the fishermen who became victims. Assistance in the form of a GT fiberglass boat with 15 PK machine and procurement of fishing equipment. The fund is derived from the State Budget Expenditure Change (APBN-P) 2006.

Hari Purnomo, Head of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Central Java, and Elisabeth, Fishing Production Section Head Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Central Java in charge of these affairs. But they proved to violate the Eradication of Corruption Act because they are considered a violation of Article 2 paragraph (1) jo Article 18 of Law no. 31 of 1999. Their actions have been detrimental to the State of Indonesia about 9.5 billion dollars at the time of the tsunami victims, especially fishermen need help.

2. Corruption by Regent Purwakarta
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Bupati Purwakarta, West Java, Lili Hambali Hasan, West Java High Court examined as witnesses in cases of alleged corruption fund of Rp 2 billion natural disasters and corruption cases Purwakarta building the Islamic Center of Rp 1.725 billion.

3. Embezzlement rice relief
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Not only the officials, in fact, there are civil servants (PNS) at the Social Service Jember, East Java named M. Kholik Anwari had embezzled 72 tons of rice aid to natural disaster. Money selling rice that he used Anwari for gambling, drunkenness, and prostitution.

4. Corruption in post disaster relief
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High Court of North Sulawesi (Sulawesi) have arrested two officials in the Talaud Islands established a suspect in the alleged corruption of state funds amounting to Rp 6.9 billion in disaster aid post of the fiscal year 2007-2008. The two officials namely Assistant for Economic Development and Head of HM aka Independent Transport Department WT aka Tine.

5. Corruption disaster fund after the earthquake in Yogyakarta
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A group of suspected corruption in Yogyakarta after the earthquake reconstruction fund has been set worth Rp 1 billion. They are the Village Head (Kadesh) Selopamioro, Imogiri, Sukro Nur Harjono, Sigit, Head of Finance Village Selopamioro, and collecting money Sugiono post-earthquake reconstruction funding cuts. mode of the suspects cut the reconstruction funds to each community group with a big beneficiary of reconstruction respectively reached USD 7 million to USD 10 million.

6. Corruption disaster fund by the governor’s
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Governor of Banten, Djoko Munandar which eventually named as a suspect in a corruption case of natural disaster fraud worth Rp 14 billion. He was named as a suspect where he was previously a witness of the corruption case after the evidence has been uncovered. The result of the corruption into private pockets Budget Committee of the Regional Representatives Council Banten.

7. Corruption tornado disaster fund
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Former Head of Public Welfare Probolinggo regency H Sudarmin along with four suspected of alleged corruption of natural disaster relief fund another tornado that is, a former civil servant staff Plantation Office, Educate, former Welfare Section staff, Samson, a former District Head Lumbang, Sanemo and former mayor Sapeh, Karnoto.

The suspects allegedly bancakan funds for tornado victims of natural disasters in the Village Sapeh, District Lumbang which cost the state USD 271 million. The assistance provided to victims of only $ 14 million of the total budget of Rp 285 million. Aid funds flowed into Karnoto USD 78 million, Educate Plantation Office civil servant staff will receive $ 28.5 million, Welfare staff Samson USD 16.5 million, former District Head Lumbang Sanemo USD 45 million and Rp 103 million flowed into private pockets H Sudarmin.


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