Top Places And People As Money Power Is Concerned

30 Oct

The power of cash is something that we know to be ruling the world. The development of the society that encourages the power of cash to create the true influence as political development goes allows the money to set out standards for the quality of life, social status and places publicity.
Being the richest country allows you the best quality of life, being the richest city ensures you the name of the place anybody would like to visit, being the richest person ensures you taxes but also the highest possibilities of life style.
Let’s see who runs the charts in the above situations and which places and what people we should admire or envy.

Countries With The Highest Life Standards

Who would not want to be their citizens? They might not be the places with the highest public income but they are the highest in quality and public and personal life is concerned so… yes…they can be called the land of our dreams.

1. France

It rules by health care quality and the food quality, but also by the lowest level of stress in the world. The French do live a good life that they can afford to enjoy in spite of the fact that the recession existed there too.

2. Australia

Australia comes in second with a vibrant lifestyle, healthy living standards and creative activities. The quality of life here resides on an impressive social protection program and a nation able to enjoy the life to the maximum.

3. Switzerland

The “money chest” of Europe is coming on the third place, for here in the home of fairy tale scenery, the highest amounts of cash are rolled and invested and the fortunes of the world are made bigger every second.

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