The Wealthiest Men

30 Oct

They are the reason for younger generations to work hard. They believed in a goal, had luck on their side or simply changed the entire perspective of how business should be done. Either way they set a standard in the concept of rich.

1. Warren Buffet

He is the guru of America and the example how a very wealthy man can encourage, consuming less and help for the humanity.

Warren Buffet
Warren is a true philanthropist, an inspiration and a man who can be admired because of his vision and extraordinary wisdom.

2. Carlos Slim Helu

The man behind the largest wealth in 2010, Carlos Slim Helu is the example of how a family business can grow into a telecommunication empire able to rule a media world. He is a visionary that stood by his vision.

Carlos Slim Helu

3. Bill Gates

The man surely needs no introduction for Microsoft is and will be more many years the cream of the top in computer technology.

Bill Gates
Although he was not known for his political correctitude, Bill Gates remains the type of consequent man for who getting rich and powerful was a life goal he achieved with mind, luck and attitude.

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