Marzuki Ali – Tsunami It’s Consequences Residents who lives on the Island

27 Oct

Jakarta – The earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai, West Sumatra, have claimed hundreds of lives. For House Speaker Marzuki Alie, the disaster is the risk of people living in coastal areas.

“Mentawai right away. That’s the consequences we live in pulaulah,” Marzuki said at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/27/2010).

According to these Democrats, should be citizens who fear the waves do not live in coastal areas. The reason, if there is a disaster like the tsunami, then it becomes difficult evacuation process.

“Whoever is afraid to hit the waves do not stay on the beach. Now if you live in the Mentawai there are early warning two hours before, had not left the island?” Marzuki said.

In fact, he suggested that the Mentawai people moved only. It is intended that similar disasters no longer occur in the Mentawai.

“If you know the risky move alone,” he added. “We find a safe place for areas that are vulnerable to tsunamis. A lot of why in the mainland,” he continued.

Finally, Marzuki appealed for assistance to victims of the Mentawai continue to be given. In addition, damage to equipment BMKG about the tsunami warning also need to be repaired.

“If damaged beyond repair. If you lose purchased again,” he concluded.

Mentawai disaster has claimed 113 lives and hundreds of others still missing. Bad weather and difficult terrain make the evacuation process. There are at least 6 thousand people living in the islands region.

Source :Detik News

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