Fauzi Bowo (Governor of Jakarta) blame the rain that caused flooding in the Jakarta area

27 Oct


Metropolitan – Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | 2:04 pm
INILAH.COM, Jakarta – DKI Until now not escape the problem of flooding. Though the budget allocated budgets to handle very big and fantastic, and even continued to rise from year to year.

This was stated by Secretary FITRA, Yuna Farhan told INILAH.COM in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/26/2010) night.

“For the year 2008 alone and the handling of the flood control budget had reached 916.36 billion dollars, year 2009 has exceeded 1.08 trillion rupiah, even in the year 2010 continued to increase to 1.34 trillion rupiah,” said Yuna.

Based FITRA From the research on flood control budget, a government agency has the authority to get the most numerous and most large portion of the budget for 2010 is the Public Works Department for a total of Rp970 billion.

“Most of the budget used for maintenance and operation of infrastructure in the form of channel dredging, repair and maintenance,” said Yuna.

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Jakarta 2030

Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 16:46 GMT
Do not Want Blamed, Foke Blame Rain Floods Cause
Fauzi Bowo

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – On Monday, (25/10), Jakarta was paralyzed. Jakarta Governor, Fauzi Bowo, said the rainfall that occurred from afternoon until evening was as usual. Because, within two hours, the rainfall fell about 100 millimeters. In fact, typically, within one month of rainfall ranges from 300 millimeters (mm).

Rain also fell in almost all the points evenly in Jakarta. Governor who was familiarly called was pointed out in the area Foke Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta rainfall reached 155.5 mm; Ciputat, Tangerang reached 100 mm; Station Kedoya, West Jakarta, 167 mm; and in Pakubowono reached 119 mm.

This is different from the situation last year in the same month. Rainfall is only about 0 mm. “All this shows the rainfall figures are extraordinarily high and well above average,” he said.

He said climate change is no longer expected. In the past, he added, there’s still the rainy season and dry season. However, throughout 2010 was the rain continued to fall. “So, one can not say when its peak,” he said.

He admitted that he had asked the parties BMKG who said the weather has become unpredictable. ”What is clear these days, (date) 25,26,27,28, these days will be very high rainfall in Jakarta, “he said on Tuesday (26/10).

He said the step increase in facilities and infrastructure are underway. Foke appoint crossing projects that are in front of Sarinah, Central Jakarta. “I point out that the Jakarta administration has been anticipating and responding to floods,” he said while giving a press conference at the MH Thamrin.

If the crossing is not done, he continued, the pool will not dry quickly in the area including Monument Road Sabang, Wahid Hasyim, Kebon Sirih, and Husni Thamrin Road. “This is a sub system of a Microsystem applicable to the monument and surrounding area,” he said.

Source : KASKUS

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