Even The Council Members Did Not Know Their Budget

24 Oct


Towards the end of the year, a number of commissions and fittings Parliament is scheduled to conduct comparative studies abroad. House members this activity continued into the spotlight. The amount of the budget is considered not comparable with the results obtained.

In the midst of various critics who posted, it turns out lawmakers did not know how big the state budget spent to finance his trip.

X the new Commission members traveled to South Africa, Reni Marlinawati, said, members do not take care of things of a technical nature related budget. “We do not know how much their budget. Because when leaving, we just handed boarding pass ,” Reni said in a polemic discussion “Comparative Study, study or holiday?” in Jakarta, Saturday (10/23/2010).

Kerjanya DPR

Because of ignorance, he claimed to be surprised when there is sharp criticism posted to members of Parliament. “In fact, if you want beromantika, instead we are happy there too. In 5 days, eat the same foods that come home from there we miss eating at warteg,” the story of this PPP politician.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (Fitra) Yuna Farhan opinion, a misnomer when representatives of the people do comparative studies without knowing how much he spends the budget. “A problem if members of the House ngeles , baseball knows the budget. However, they must realize that the budget came from public money. It can not just say do not know,” said Yuna.

DPR Laknat

In a note Fitra, trends comparative studies abroad by members of the House continues to increase in the budget. In 2010, at least the budgeted about USD 170 billion or greater than the budget for 2009. Towards the end of the year, a number of commissions and fittings “busy-busy” to go abroad. For one trip, at least $ 1 billion budget is spent.

After the Commission X who travel to South Africa for the bill Scouts, Commission VIII also do the same to the United States. This weekend, the House’s turn Honorary Board which will pay a visit to Greece to learn about ethics. Furthermore, the Commission XI is also scheduled to England, Germany, South Korea, and Japan in relation to the draft Financial Services Authority.

Source : KOMPAS

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